The mission of Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice is to sustain a residential hospice home, Celia’s House in Holmes Park, ensuring that dying individuals and their families are cared for with kindness and exceptional care, focusing on what matters for each individual at end of life, and to promote broader knowledge on the benefits of end-of-life palliative and hospice care throughout our community.


Create a community which understands and transforms the dying process into a time of opportunity for meaningful closure, supporting each dying person, their loved ones and the dedicated caregivers who serve them.


  •  Providing Comfort (physical, emotional and spiritual care)
  •  Nurturing and teaching a Culture of Compassion
  •  Respecting the Uniqueness, Dignity and Preferences of each individual
  •  Seeking to be as Inclusive as our resources and sustainability allow
  • Listening for, and Honoring each person’s experience
  •  Supporting the Healing of grief and personal relationships