We at Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice are always excited to meet people who are passionate about end-of-life care. We are so glad you are interested in joining our staff. If you would like to volunteer please see our volunteer page.

The current job openings are on Indeed and subject to change without notice. If you would like to apply please carefully review the job description and submit your application via Indeed or email us at employment@sofriendsofhospice.org. (If you are applying for the Executive Director position please email your materials to edsearch@sofriendsofhospice.org)

Executive Director

Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice is searching for our next Executive Director – overseeing this beloved $3.7MM non-profit organization, including Celia’s House, a 12-bed residential care facility and the HUB (Hospice Unique Boutique), the leader needs a commitment to hospice care, our culture of Be Kind, Be Present, Be Real and a passion for service and strong leadership. This position serves as the primary spokesperson for the organization, and is responsible for overseeing the administration and organizational strategic plan, fundraising, marketing and supporting the Board of Directors on its path toward governance. As the organization moves to a mature, mid-sized nonprofit, this position is a pivotal leader overseeing the Celia’s House administrator, the development director, finance and admin staff and the HUB managers. Significant experience in nonprofit leadership is crucial and a commitment to organizational effectiveness balanced with thoughtful and kind leadership is paramount.

Role & Responsibilities:


· In conjunction with the Board, formulate a shared vision for the future of the organization and implement a plan for fulfilling the organization’s mission, vision, values, culture, and strategic goals.

· Develop an annual action plan with staff to ensure that the mission and culture of kindness is fulfilled and strategic goals are accomplished with measureable outcomes in a timely manner.

· Provide clear, concise reports to the Board at each regularly scheduled Board meeting that assess the accomplishment of the annual action plan.

· Identify and analyze local, national, and international policies, trends, and other industry factors that affect the organization.


· Develop resources sufficient to ensure the financial health and long term sustainability of the organization through effective short term and long term fundraising strategies.

· Successfully implement and accomplish Board directed long term sustainability goals.

· Personally cultivate and solicit donors, supervise development staff, and implement fundraising plans and policies approved by the Board.


· Effectively and efficiently administer the nonprofit operations of the organization including the Hospice Unique Boutique.

· Hire and retain competent, qualified staff to increase organizational capacity. Build and manage staff based on organizational goals, budget considerations and ensure that staff are appropriately recruited selected, evaluated, and compensated.

· Cultivate collaborative leadership with the Executive Administrator of Celia’s House and senior staff. Build morale among all staff. Inspire and foster team commitment.

· Hold staff accountable for their roles and responsibilities that contribute to the overall effectiveness of the organization. Take action to address performance issues in a timely manner.

· Manage and resolve conflicts and disagreements in a constructive manner.

· Engage with the Volunteer community to support, appreciate and build lasting commitment.

· Ensure that the organization has sufficient risk management policies, insurance coverage, and personnel policies.

· Implement record retention policies for the maintenance of organizational records, files and historical documents.

· Formulate and administer all policies and procedures.

· Ensure congruence and compliance with all relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


· Develop a strong leadership partnership with the Board of Directors.

· Communicate effectively with the Board in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.

· Assist the President in carrying out their leadership role including planning the agenda and preparation of relevant materials for Board meetings.

· Facilitate the orientation of new Board Members.

· Keep the Board informed on emerging issues that affect the organization’s well-being and the management of the organization.

· Develop and maintain expertise on all aspects of nonprofit organizations and Board governance. Ensure nonprofit best practices are implemented.

· Provide ongoing board governance education to the Board of Directors.

· Adhere to, and assist the Board in compliance with Articles of Association, the bylaws, and organizational policy and procedures.

· Involve staff in understanding and supporting Board governance.

· Prepare Board meeting materials that facilitate analysis of issues and decision making and distribute in a timely manner.

· Track all recommended Board actions and maintain a follow up reporting process to the Board.

· Staff Board committees as appropriate.


· Act as the primary communication, marketing, and outreach representative to the organization’s constituents, the media and the general public.

· Enhance Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice’s image by being active and visible in the community and by working closely with other professional, civic and private organizations.

· Develop strong, positive working relationships with all relevant health care entities especially related to palliative and hospice care.

· Promote the mission, vision, values, and culture through public and private presentations.


· Ensure the overall financial integrity of Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice.

· Execute the fiscal management of the organization that operates within the Board approved budget, ensures ongoing revenue generation, expense management, and maintenance of the organization in a strong, positive financial position.

· Prepare a proposed annual budget.

· Submit monthly financial statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization.

· Comply with all requirements of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax status.

· Assure all funds, legal records, physical assets and other property and management controls are properly instituted and safeguarded.

· Ensure that finances are conducted in accordance with policies and guidelines established by the Board and generally accepted accounting principles.

· Ensure that sound risk management policies are in place.

· Ensure the successful relationship management of referral sources and related contracts.

Qualifications and Expectations:


· Minimum of a bachelor’s degree; advanced degree preferred. Significant experience in nonprofit leadership in lieu of education may be considered

· Education and training related to nonprofit organizations.


· Multiple years of previous experience as Executive Director or comparable senior leadership position of a nonprofit organization.

· Prior experience in the health care related field preferred.


Able to:

· convey passion for the mission, vision, and strategic future of the organization to staff, board, volunteers and donors;

· effectively work with a Board of diverse individuals and taking direction from the Board;

· demonstrate executive presence through authenticity, integrity, humility and confidence;

· make well-informed, effective, and timely decisions. Perceive the impact and implications of decisions;

· develop networks, alliances, and strategic relationships;

· build a positive, cohesive team environment;

· demonstrate personal insight, empathy, self-control, and resilience;

· analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the organization;

· demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills that are reflected in an ability to interact professionally at all levels in the community;

· communicate clearly and concisely orally, in writing, and during public presentations;

· manage initiatives and projects with measurable outcomes;

· adapt to new information, changing conditions or unexpected obstacles in a positive and graceful manner;

· demonstrate knowledge of technology including document management, donor relationship systems, web, and social media; and

· demonstrate organizational abilities including planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract