Legacy and Planned Giving

A planned gift allows you the opportunity to support Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice beyond your lifetime. By including a charitable component in your estate or financial plans, you are ensuring the future of quality end-of-life care for generations to come.

How to get started

No matter your stage in life, it is never to early to plan for how your affairs will be handled when you are gone. With just a few simple steps and instruction, you can have peace of mind for your future.

Courtesy of our partnership with Freewill, this free online tool guides you through the process in 20 minutes or less.

Thanks to FreeWill, you can easily plan beneficiaries for your non-probate assets in one place.

Let us know about a gift in your will or trust.

It can often be difficult to plan and make sure that your gifts are used in line with your wishes if they are left unknown. But more importantly, we want to say thank you for considering our work as a part of your legacy.