A place to be cherished at the end of life

Southern Oregon has a greater than average number of retired and aging people, many who live alone or with loved ones who are unable to care for them. Local residents often have family members that live far away. For them, dying at home may not be an option. In fact, according to Hospice Analytics, 44% of Oregonians on hospice, die somewhere other than their own home.

The need for hospice care has more than doubled in the past decade since Medicare’s hospice benefit was made permanent in 1986. Local and national hospice administrators expect the figures to continue to rise over the next 20-30 years as baby boomers start entering the final stages of their lives.

Although there are several hospice service providers in Southern Oregon, none provides a standalone residential setting for patients who cannot be cared for at home in their last few days.

Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice has built and is committed operating a nonprofit Residential Care Facility to serve hospice patients and their families. The Hospice Residential Care Facility provides a peaceful and comforting environment for terminally ill people to spend their final days. Family members and friends, from near or far away, are able to visit or stay with their loved one, knowing that when they are not available, their loved one is being cared for.

Celia’s House in Holmes Park has twelve private rooms with views to landscaped gardens, kitchen, living room, dining room, sanctuary/library and separate contemplative areas inside and out. Trained caregivers are available on-site seven days per week, around the clock. Hospice medical care (care plans and medications) are directed and created in partnership with our local visiting hospice service organizations.