A special service designed to assist seniors and caregivers

Our helpful volunteers are available to assist seniors and caregivers with estate furnishings by arranging items to be picked up and donated to the Hospice Unique Boutique resale store. With the donation of these treasured items, you will have the comfort of knowing that your gifts are put to good use.

Criteria for an arrangement to pick up items from a residential area are:

  • A person moving into a retirement facility, nursing home, foster home or assisted living
  • An elderly person moving in with family
  • The passing of a loved one
  • A family who has completed an estate sale

Process for this special program

First. Fill out the Donations Checklist [PDF] and either email the list or bring it in to the boutique manager. Using this form will help donors select items that can be used, and gives the manager an idea of the potential donations.

Second. We will contact you to schedule a preview or pick up.

Information regarding other community agencies that receive items we are not able to accept can be provided.

The Donations Checklist can also help you to record items for tax purposes.

Please call (541) 488-7805 or email thehub@opendoor.com to discuss any questions.