Today, many family and friends live far apart. There are many reasons visiting a dying loved one is not possible due to distance, health, family or work related obstacles. There are many ways to express your love and support from a distance.

Recognize What is Taking Place

  • Send a card to say “I’m thinking of you”
  • Send flowers, balloons, pictures from your past together
  • Make a phone call or leave a spoken message

Recorded Messages

One meaningful way to express love and support from a distance is to coordinate and send recorded messages. Hearing is the last sense that we lose, so recorded messages from family and friends to a dying loved one may provide a meaningful support when being there in person is impossible.

One example of a recorded gift is a VoiceQuilt,  VoiceQuilt is a meaningful group gift of voice recordings of loved ones given in the form a “music box” style memento. With spoken prayers and encouraging messages, VoiceQuilt provides the words, prayers and songs for recipients to listen to and families to cherish for a lifetime. Advantages of VoiceQuilt are it can be listened to over and over, many people can contribute and it is a keepsake after a loved one dies.

Patient Websites – Caring Bridge

Patient websites are another way to remain connected and provide support from a distance. CaringBridge is an example of a patient website that helps keep loved ones informed during a significant health challenge. It offers free patient websites to bring people together by simplifying communication, reducing the time and emotional energy spent on repeated phone calls and e–mails. It keeps everyone informed with the same, accurate information.

Caring Bridge websites also offer friends and family the opportunity to provide encouragement to the patient and each other by connecting a patient’s entire community, creating a network of support for everyone involved. Family and friends can post messages of love, hope and compassion from around the world. Go to to start a site.