Admissions Process

Celia’s House admissions process is straightforward. These are the general steps in the admissions and move-in process for hospice patients. Palliative care patients are considered on a case by case basis.

  1. Initial Contact, Conversation and Tour: Admission to Celia’s House generally starts with an initial phone call to 541-613-0230 and/or a tour of Celia’s House in Holmes Park at 217 S. Modoc Avenue in Medford. Please call in advance to let us know you are coming to arrange a discussion with an administrator about the particulars of your situation. 
  2. Medical Review: Once you decide that Celia’s House is a place you want to live, our nurses will review your medical and physical needs to ensure we can provide the level of care you require. The hospital discharge planner, your hospice provider or primary medical provider will fax Celia’s House your face sheet, recent chart notes, history and physical, and current medications list. Our fax number is 541-500-8907. We will speak with your current care team to help with the transfer of information.
  3. Evaluation: Once we have reviewed your medical paperwork our administrator will schedule a time  to visit and evaluate your needs. During this visit, the administrator will discuss with you and your family the needs you have, activities you might enjoy while at Celia’s House, financial information and residential care agreement.
  4. Coordination of Care: Celia’s House provides room, board and care under the direction of collaborating visiting hospice providers (Asante, Providence or Signature). Usually the time of move-in is coordinated with the visiting hospice nurse visit. Arrangements for durable medical equipment take place before arrival of the new resident. 
  5. Transport and Move-in: After the evaluation is complete and you have officially been approved to move to Celia’s House in Holmes Park, transportation is arranged either by private vehicle or Non-Emergency Transport. The discharge planner, hospice or you or your family will  arrange for transportation to Celia’ House. When you arrive, we will get you settled and comfortable.

To begin the admissions process please call us at 541-613-0230.