Welcome! We are honored that you are considering the Celia’s House in Holmes Park as a place for you or a loved one to spend the end of life.

We all live and die. The path we take in both these events is its own unique experience. We each have our own culture, interests, spiritual beliefs, ways of being comforted, and how we like to interact.  At Celia’s House in Holmes Park we try to be sensitive, listen closely and help create and environment that best suits the individual wants and needs of our resident, their families, and friends. We are here to be companions on this amazing journey of life and death, with respect, love, and creativity.

Celia’s House in Holmes Park works to provide care based on our Cultural Triad and the core values of our organization. If you are interested in the admissions process or would like to know more about becoming a resident please contact us by phone at 541-500-8911 or email admissions@sofriendsofhospice.org.