Volunteer Spotlight: Rich and Cheryl Ugland

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Dynamic Duos and Volunteer Power Couples

Spotlight on Rich and Cheryl Ugland


Lois and Clark, Popeye and Olive Oil, Bonnie and Clyde, Johnny and June … Rocky & Nancy, Trudy & Bruce, Barb & Mike, Bruce & Carolyn, Barbara & Harry, Christi & Rich, Bruce & Chrys. Sarah & Jack, Steve & Kelly, Emmet & Kasey, Joyce and Chuck, and last but not least, Rich & Cheryl. All these volunteer couples are amazing and bring talents without which SOFOH just wouldn’t be the same. Each has a story. This month’s volunteer spotlight is on Rich and Cheryl Ugland.

What they do: almost everything! How did we find them? Well, Rich found us and then led Cheryl our way! Rich was at the Hospice Unique Boutique one day a few years ago when someone at the counter mentioned needing someone to haul some furniture. Rich, retired geophysicist, said, ‘I can do that’ and the next thing you know, he’s a regular volunteer furniture mover.

Another day when Rich was at the HUB, someone mentioned the need for an interior designer to help plan the new hospice care facility. Rich threw his talented wife, Cheryl, directly under the bus and said, ‘my wife can do that!’ That was certainly our lucky day as Cheryl is a retired nurse and interior designer. And she accepted the challenge!

It was no simple job planning for 11,000 + square feet of house while being constantly mindful of how it would serve residents and work well for staff and volunteers. Cheryl pursued this endeavor with passion and purpose, putting in countless hundreds of hours attending weekly construction meetings, assessing donated furniture and developing a detailed schematic.

Meanwhile, it was Cheryl’s turn to recruit Rich and his many many talents came to light. A true Renaissance man, he can build or fix just about anything, restore furniture, play music with a band (yes, they have played here at the House), is a gourmet chef (yes, he cheffed a special dinner here at the House) and has published a book (yes, it’s in our library)!

When they aren’t skiing, traveling, cooking, doing yoga or taking OLLI classes, they come together to the Holmes Park House to make it a better place for all! Our gratitude to them is endless.

Volunteering together is good for the individual, good for building and maintaining a healthy relationship and good for the community. It’s also fun, and usually more rewarding than watching TV together. Many couples enjoy volunteering together at community organizations, but we have a much greater than average number of HMC (happily married couples) on our volunteer staff. Rich and our small crew of maintenance volunteers could use a hand with some of the fix-up work regularly requiring attention at the Holmes Park House. If you are the handy man type and have some time to give, please email or call Sue Carroll, 541-500-8911. The needs are sporadic, but when we need someone, we really need someone. And if you have a partner who would like to volunteer with you here, the more the merrier!